GDPR-compliant Caller Opt-In to Recording Conversations

Call recording has become a complex task, at least in the EU. However, a Contact Centre is likely to have very valid reasons and must record calls.

Most call centres focus on customer calls, which drives you to constantly try to improve communication with the customer regardless of the topic. Customer experience, employee efficiency and sometimes high staff turnover challenge you to maintain or improve quality.

Here are a few good reasons why voice recording will help you with this task:

With recordings, the supervisor can review specific situations and help call centre agents to understand their mistakes, to pinpoint the cause of a problem, and to suggest alternative solutions to a failed call.

Taking notes can help. It doesn't have to be a fully automated transcription of the conversation, but re-listening to an important conversation recording offers the opportunity to fill in the gap of missed information and thus capture forgotten details afterwards.

There are certainly many other individual reasons to record a conversation, but every recording is subject to the GDPR rules, which must be adhered to. Within the EU it is simply illegal to record every conversation without having asked for permission first.

GDPR compliance is only really ensured if callers actively opt-in to having their calls recorded. An opt-out is strictly speaking not enough.

Due to the legal situation, the recording of telephone conversations is only permissible under data protection law with the consent of the customers and the employees.

The customer must actively agree to the recording of calls, as an option to object is not sufficient in terms of the GDPR and does not constitute effective consent under data protection law.

Furthermore, the GDPR obligations also require a valid reason for recording the call. Valid reasons can vary from one country to another. The EU member states have implemented different rules that apply to call recording consent. Therefore, please check call recording rules in your specific country with your data protection officer.

Read here for more information on how to implement this with your jtel system.

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