How can you benefit from connecting your CRM to the jtel ACD?

Maintaining accurate and consistent customer data is a mission critical challenge for every company. Despite this, inconsistencies often occur, particularly between the marketing and sales departments. The way in which customer information was entered, stored and tracked can lead to avoidable expenses - and often to lost revenue.

For example, when the marketing or sales department plans direct sales or marketing campaigns, they often have to dedicate resources to not only making sure the customer data collected from the various databases of information was still accurate, but also to ensure that it is in a consistent and usable format.

How can companies reduce the amount of money spent on reconciling and sorting customer data for such campaigns? It’s now possible to automate this process through the interaction of an ACD communications system with an accurate database CRM system.

The two systems can interact via a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface. This is a message protocol that allows distributed elements of an application to communicate and exchange information. jtel’s ACD system already extends the infrastructure of existing PBX systems. With the addition of the SOAP interface, deep integration with the customer’s existing CRM infrastructure or other databases can also be achieved.

jtel‘s customers benefit from this solution in multiple ways:

  • Customer data is used from a single system, which reduces costs for the processing of data from different sources, as well as increasing efficiency.
  • The system can not only handle campaigns, but can also be used for daily business.
  • Always accurate customer data leaves time for the agents and sales team to focus on customer needs - which boosts results and delivers greater staff productivity.
  • Automated follow-up procedures keep all leads on your table and measurably increase customer satisfaction.
  • The SOAP interface can be used also for other databases. This assures not just your existing investment but also an evolution path for further innovations.

In jtel, customers see a partner who delivers thoroughly professional and customer-orientated solutions that help them to better serve their customers, generate internal efficiencies, and support future growth.