Join the jtel “cloud bubble”

All jtel products and services now available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with the launch of the industry-unique jtel cloud

It’s clear that businesses are eagerly embracing the cloud as the main option for hosting their mission critical, line of business applications. According to IDC, for example, global business spending on cloud services is predicted to surpass $1 trillion by 2024.

The reason is simple – cloud offers a range of significant benefits to businesses: no infrastructure deployments, lower costs, instant flexibility and scalability, high availability, no on-going management or maintenance requirements, stronger security, rapid deployment of new services and applications, and future-proofing for your business.

On-premise, cloud or hybrid?

But it’s not quite that simple. There are a number of different types of cloud deployments, each with their own advantages – public cloud, private cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of these options.

For example, private cloud offers flexibility but is likely to be more costly (at least to begin with before the efficiencies it offers have been identified), while public cloud is cheaper but may lack customisation. On-premise, meanwhile, offers strong security and control over data, and is a pre-requisite in regulated industries.

The majority of businesses, therefore, opt for a hybrid model, mixing on-premise and cloud deployments according to the requirements of each business operation.

Explore the jtel cloud

That’s why jtel has responded to these trends with the launch of its industry-unique jtel cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. All jtel products are now offered as a SaaS option, hosted by jtel and available exclusively through jtel Partners. Of course, we continue to offer our rich heritage in on-premise deployments and our expertise in customisation for legacy applications in the cloud.

Businesses get exactly the type of deployment and the services they need at any time.

We now offer the following options:

  • On-premise – a highly customisable option with access to all jtel features, connectivity to MS Teams and an update schedule that is tailored to your needs.
  • Cloud – shared use of computing resources and feature standardisation make this a more affordable option, but still with a 99.9% availability guarantee.
  • jtel cloud – a unique industry offering providing a dedicated, highly customisable “cloud bubble” with access to all features, no management headaches, MS Teams connectivity, a smooth migration path, secure VPN tunnels and multiple APIs to connect any legacy CRM, ERP or ticketing systems, as well as legacy PBX and, of course, 99.9% availability. Customers can even create multiple tenants within their cloud bubble.
  • Hybrid – A mix of any of these options, according to your requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website for more information, and to find out how we can provide the perfect cloud solution for your needs.