Accessible Agent Home for Braille Readers

jtel Braille Agent Home is an optimised version of the jtel Agent Home contact center client software. It is specifically designed to work with Braille readers, fully equipped with an optimal Braille display, an intuitive Braille keyboard and a powerful text-to-speech engine.

The use of workstations for people with vision loss is not only an important issue in the private sector, but also in public institutions and authorities who strive for social equality at the workspace.

jtel has a solution! jtel offers an Agent Home Braille Version for individuals with visual impairments. For these users, the braille Agent Home makes it possible to work with the jtel-Software independently and efficiently.

To use the Braille integration, the respective workstation must be equipped with a screen reader software and Braille keyboard / Braille display. A shortcut key on the Braille keyboard starts the jtel Agent Home Browser. 

Through the screen reader software and Braille keyboard, the displayed text on the computer screen is converted to Braille and output to the keyboard as a Braille display for reading. The Braille display is a computer output device that displays digital text and characters in Braille so that affected people can read the texts in Braille.

The jtel Agent Home for Braille was specifically designed to put the most important things first. Thus, Braille users save measurable time, while finding the most important features and information at the beginning of the page.

Functions that produce a lot of TTS Output, have been reduced to ensure user friendliness. Less relevant information, such as page counters and navigation were moved to the bottom of the screen. This allows the jtel-user to concentrate on the relevant information without being distracted by the extra elements. Furthermore, information that is usually displayed using coloured buttons is displayed with plain and fully legible text so that the Braille reader can read it easily. For example, to login to the ACD Braille users simply select the function “Calls and Media”.

The jtel-user can navigate the page intuitively, using pre-defined and customisable “access keys”, which make it possible to quickly access important and often used functions of the agent home. This reduces the amount of keystrokes by the user, therefore increasing efficiency.

All of these small but important changes add up to a significant improvement in the accessible operation of the jtel Contact Center, which helps integrate visually impaired users in the contact center workplace.