jtel with Teams, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams collaboration

Extend jtel contact center solutions with Teams integration to benefit from enhanced collaboration opportunities and consistent status. Boost agent availability and achieve customer service excellence

With the introduction of COVID-19 lockdown – and on-going social distancing measures – the ability to work from home has become paramount. As a result, the use of collaboration and unified communications tools has risen dramatically. According to Statista, for example, the number of daily active global users of Microsoft Teams more than doubled from 32 million users on March 12, 2020 to 75 million users on April 30, 2020.

Similarly, the need to run a contact center with a remote and dispersed workforce has become, arguably, even more important. But, how can organisations operate an advanced, fully featured contact center with employees either working from home, in an office, or on a mobile basis? How can contact centers seamlessly interact with Teams?

jtel with MS Teams – a flexible, seamlessly integrated contact center solution

Teams is an excellent collaboration tool, but lacks much of the functionality and advanced capabilities required by a modern contact center. For example, it lacks full routing and multichannel support for contact centers, and it relies on employees updating their presence status manually, which can lead to inaccuracies regarding availability and call status. And, call center agents typically adopt multiple channels. Unless these are integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem, the aggregated status across all channels cannot be obtained with Teams.

jtel with Teams, however, provides seamlessly integrated and powerful collaboration tools combined with contact center capabilities that can handle the most complex of routing scenarios. New scenarios can be created quickly and easily using an intuitive, graphical model. So, an employee can choose which device, interface and channel to receive calls on, whether they are at the office, at home or mobile working, which boosts the availability and efficiency of the entire dispersed workforce.

Furthermore, jtel with Teams provides the essential aggregated view of presence status across all interfaces - the ACD, Teams, and the PBX. In turn, this delivers a dramatic reduction in interruptions by calls from a phone when using the Teams client, and vice versa. Individual presence status can also be controlled manually or automatically by jtel, allowing each agent to choose how, when and where to receive calls.

A completely flexible contact center solution for remote workers

jtel with Teams is also a completely flexible solution. Organisations can stay in control of their deployment, and migrate at their own speed. The solution can be deployed with an existing PBX or the public phone network (as jtel stand-alone), as a seamlessly integrated jtel with Teams solution, or can simply be used just as Teams. There is no lock-in to Microsoft products, providing a completely flexible, but advanced, contact center solution for any business.

As well as providing advanced, flexible contact centre capabilities for a remote workforce, jtel with Teams provides increased availability and efficiency to help organisations achieve customer service excellence, even in these unprecedented times.

Organisations retain complete control over their deployment, with no Microsoft lock-in – it can be used with an existing PBX, or as a stand-alone solution (jtel or Teams). It allows employees to retain complete control over the presence status, as well as the interface, device and channel on which they want to receive calls, regardless of location.

Complex routing scenarios and easy configuration

jtel with Teams can handle the most complex routings imaginable, and is easily configured for home office or ‘road warrior’ use. It even offers integrated wallboards and statistics, allowing organisations a bird’s eye view of what’s happening at any moment. Meanwhile, aggregated status view – of both worlds – means that no call on one channel or interface will ever be interrupted by a call on another, improving efficiency and response times.

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