jtel One-Click One-Call - calls without media interruption from your website

Your website visitors can make phone calls directly to your contact centre agents without media interruption using the jtel One-Click One-Call plug-in.

Many so-called web click-to-call solutions are not end-to-end solutions and require the entry of a telephone number. The call to the call centre is made by calling the user back in the traditional way via the customer's mobile phone or landline.

Not with jtel One-Click One-Call. Users call directly from your website to your call center with a single click in the browser from their PCs, tablets or smartphones. You get to choose whether it's an audio-only call or optionally with video and screen sharing. 

jtel One-Click One-Call even brings context to the call. If the user is logged in to the website, the agent can be shown information about the identity of the caller. This information can also be used to influence the routing process - for example, customers with high SLAs can be routed faster through the call center.

Your agents do not need any additional equipment for an audio-only call. Calls are routed via the traditional means through your existing contact center to your already deployed agent workstations. Once the call has been set up, agents can choose whether to go multimedia and continue with video and screen sharing.

Video and screen sharing make the possible applications for the technology almost limitless. For complex products, you can offer potential customers a spontaneous consultation directly from the product page. For service requests, you can use the context and SLA to create routings that address the individual needs of the customer. Content can be shared through the use of video and screen sharing. For example, customers can point their cameras at devices so agents see the current status or even the serial number. Screen sharing enables agents to support even complicated business processes by helping the customer directly without media interruption.

The plug-in is integrated by copy / pasting a small HTML code snippet into the corresponding web-pages. Any service number in the jtel system can be configured, which enables existing routings to be easily re-used. Calls are routed intelligently by the familiar mechanisms in the jtel system, providing access to all functions of the IVR incl. bot functionality and routing in the jtel ACD.

Contact us today to find out how jtel One-Click One-Call can help you seamlessly integrate your web presence with your contact centre and take your processes to the next level of efficiency.