Smarter Digital Recording

Voice recording has been important for many enterprises for a number of years. As more and more customer enquiries have been dealt with by telephone calls, it’s been essential to record these in order to maintain quality and provide training for new agents. Call centers depend on reliable, scalable digital recording solutions to provide a record of transactions and customer interaction.

But as communication channels, have broadened to encompass email, fax and now WebRTC, it’s been equally important to capture these too. In certain industries, it’s become mandatory, particularly where financial transactions are involved. The recording becomes a copy of the transaction and an important reference should anything need to be checked.

But there’s much more to recording than that. Thanks to advances in analytic software processing engines, the information captured can provide key insights into service delivery and deliver metrics on which to judge performance. Clearly, manual sorting of recordings is not feasible but specialist software can perform these tasks automatically.

With these capabilities, organisations can more efficiently optimise their performance. They can report on campaigns and provide valuable insights to ensure more effective performance in the future. Speech Analytics enables ‘searchability’, uncovering hidden information in conversations that can be used to learn more about what customers want, their concerns and their needs.

The same tools enable highly granular reporting on agent performance, enabling more effective service in the future and better motivation for employees, set against realistic KPIs. Voice recording has got much smarter – why not find out how the new generation of solutions, led by 8-Record can add value to your business?

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