The Agile Call Center

Agile innovation is needed to integrate an increasingly diverse mix of customer interaction channels in contact centers – and to deliver customer service excellence.

In today’s increasingly customer-centric world, enterprises and businesses need to adopt a more agile approach to meeting the needs of their customers. Since a great deal of interaction with customers is conducted through two main channels – the call center and online portals, this implies that companies should direct efforts towards enhancing these.
In fact, since an increasing percentage of customer interaction is now digital – constituting a mix of social media, SMS, web chat, Facebook and so on – it makes more sense to consider how best to integrate all of these in order to deliver the best experience possible, both in terms of pre-sales and post-sales activities.

What this means is that enterprises, in particular those focused on B2C relationships, need to become more adept and more agile in enabling the kind of continuous evolution required to support communication across a growing range of channels.

Fortunately, while the channels themselves are multiplying, the underlying technology is, paradoxically, helping bring about convergence through the advent of capabilities such as WebRTC communications. WebRTC enables browser-based chat sessions to be turned into real-time conversations, with audio and even video interaction. Call centers need to be tuned to these evolving requirements to ensure effective customer communications and service.

To achieve this requires the ability to continually enhance call center technologies. It means that enterprises need to work with vendors to ensure they understand and keep ahead of developments. It requires agility, not just in terms of adopting and integrating new technology, but also in terms of adapting business processes and designing the optimum ways in which to support new channels and forms of customer interaction.

All of which means businesses need technology partners that can not only support the continuous innovation they need, but which also have the expertise to stay ahead of the kind of changes in customer behaviour which will drive adoption of these innovations. It’s all very well having a roadmap, but if that roadmap cannot be adapted to meet or anticipate what people are actually doing, then businesses will be left behind.

That’s why jtel is the ideal partner. Our solutions are developed according to agile processes, which means we stay ahead and can ensure we incorporate new ideas, rapidly, so that you can take advantage of them. By staying ahead of today’s rapidly evolving customer needs, you can position your business more effectively – and deliver the customer service excellence across all channels and media that is required. Why not talk to jtel and find out what we can do for you?