The Business Benefits of Cloud-based Call Centers

There is considerable hype surrounding the cloud and each week a new forecast is released that highlights the growing trend towards adoption of and migration towards cloud services. In addition, it seems that every analyst and vendor has an opinion over the best approach.

But before even considering migrating services such as call centers to the cloud, we should ensure that the business benefits of doing so are clearly identified. In addition to practical benefits, there should be clear financial returns.

Recent analysis by the Aberdeen Group suggests that there are, not only clear financial benefits, but also that they may be significant. A key challenge confronting call center owners and providers is that of costs. Increasing operational costs significantly impact an organisation’s ability to deliver superior customer service. According to surveys conducted by Aberdeen, cloud-based call centers experience 27% lower annual operating costs when compared to traditional, on-premises solutions.

That’s a significant difference and it suggests a clear financial benefit for migrating call centers to the cloud. However, while that’s attractive, we must also consider the fact that migration itself has challenges and costs. Organisations have existing investments, infrastructure and so on: sometimes change can be disruptive, if not properly planned and executed.

Cloud isn’t necessarily the best answer for everyone, at least not yet. Different approaches have their advantages – a pure on-premises model in some cases, a hybrid approach or a pure-play cloud option in others. Despite some clear business benefits, it’s not always easy to make the right choice.

That’s where we can help. While we understand the benefits of the cloud, we are not dogmatic about it. We also understand how our customers have the need to maximise the ROI of existing investment in infrastructure. We recognise that they might need solutions that offer elastic performance capabilities – meaning that they might leverage an existing solution but call upon additional resources from the cloud to cope with seasonal or fluctuating demand. Yes, migrating to the cloud – or extending existing infrastructure with cloud solutions – may offer significant benefits to your business, but we will help you make the right choice and evolution plan for you.

We offer both the applications to deliver the right solution for your business and the expertise to help you choose the best option for you through a consultative approach. Why not talk to jtel and see how we can help you choose the call center that suits you or help evolve your existing solution?