International growth continues – new contracts in Spain and Sweden

jtel’s growth outside DACH continues with new contracts being secured in Spain and Sweden, appropriately enough for the summer. We’ve always been an international company but this reflects the growing strength of our partnerships across Europe. It is a clear confirmation of the opportunities that can emerge through key relationships, with both our technology and business partners.

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Investing in our team! jtel appoints new COO and boosts sales organisation

We’re growing our team to ensure that we can capitalise on growing demand for our solutions. In recent months, we’ve appointed a new COO, Sven Jüttner, who brings a wealth of experience in the contact centre and customer care industry. Sven will help shape our organisation and make sure that we continue to enhance our operational capabilities – and maintain our standards of excellence.

In addition, we’ve also extended our sales team, through the addition of Stefan Krüger, a seasoned sales professional with deep knowledge of the communications industry and the sectors we serve.

Building from within – boosting our IT team with professional training

While it’s essential to recruit experienced professionals, it’s equally important to build our organisation from the ground up. That’s why we’re committed to professional training programmes and to the recruitment of staff who can be prepared, not only for a career with jtel but also equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in our industry.

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Our partners: How we can help you and how you can play your part

Our partners are essential to our business. They help us extend our success, win more customers and deploy solutions that meet every need. We want to tell you about what we’re doing, but we also want to collect updates and ideas from our friends in the marketplace. By obtaining the best insights and intelligence, we can ensure that we evolve to meet new requirements and provide the most future-proof solutions to adapt to market changes.

Partnership demands collaboration and is bi-directional. We need your help to improve and you need our help to support your activities. We want to know what we can do to improve, what new and unusual requirements you have encountered, what has been successful, what resources you need and so on. So, why not get in touch? We’d love to hear from you and welcome your input!

A2P Messaging – traditional SMS is a key channel to keep customers informed

While individual users may have adopted new messaging platforms to chat among themselves, it’s become increasingly clear that businesses need traditional messaging solutions to stay in touch with their customers. This is because traditional SMS messaging can be used to reach any classical mobile, so long as the user number is known. This contrasts with OTT messaging platforms, which require separate identities. Users are often reluctant to share such details with businesses and retailers.

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