Integration is key to enterprise process optimisation – bring the contact centre into your workflows

Digital process transformation is all the rage – connecting different systems to enable efficient data sharing and to create more effective, automated workflows. The contact center is central to this. It needs to be able to share data easily and to connect to any relevant platform, across different sectors. Learn about the jtel approach to transformation.

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The jtel User Group – building a community for you

The first meeting of the new jtel User Group was held in June and it proved to be a great success. More than 40 customers and partners joined the online sessions, sharing insights, experience and tips – and learning the latest news from the team – and also from long-time jtel user JobRad.

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Serving your customers - how can you adapt and evolve?

jtel offers consulting and services for individual redesign and optimisation for your business.

Customer service is individual but it’s definitely not static. It’s dynamic. The service you planned, designed and configured to deliver the best possible experience to your customers yesterday may not be right for today. Things change, so it’s right to challenge the way in which you do things, every so often.

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Have you seen the new release of the jtel Portal?

3.22 brings a host of new features for your contact center, enhancing agent experience and boosting omni-channel capabilities.

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the most recent version of the jtel Portal, 3.22. This brings together a number of recent enhancements that improve user experience, embrace new digital channels and enable new integration opportunities.

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