The growing popularity of cloud-based call centers

Constantly changing customer demands means that call center operators must frequently adapt and optimise their IT systems. For many, their IT infrastructure has been pushed to its technical limits. As new technologies and solutions have emerged, it has become increasingly difficult to stay one step ahead of the competition. What does this mean for call centers? To stay ahead of the curve and to ensure sustained success, they will need more sophisticated solutions that provide ongoing flexibility, scalability and cost optimisation.

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jtel joins innovaphone’s in-house fair 2019 for partners and end users

Showcasing how our partnership approach helps you to deliver the outstanding customer service you need.

innovaphone in-house fair – 13 – 14 November 2019, Sindelfingen, Germany

jtel is delighted to be joining our partner, innovaphone – IP Unified Communications specialists – at their very first in-house fair this November. The fair takes place at the innovaphone location in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Register now for the in-house fair and meet jtel.

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How can you benefit from connecting your CRM to the jtel ACD?

Maintaining accurate and consistent customer data is a mission critical challenge for every company. Despite this, inconsistencies often occur, particularly between the marketing and sales departments. The way in which customer information was entered, stored and tracked can lead to avoidable expenses - and often to lost revenue.

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Customer experience and technical evolution

In many industries, the experience that customers receive is driven by technology. Of course, such technology is changing rapidly, which means that the experiences that can be delivered is also evolving. Organisations must ensure that they keep pace with such changes. As a result, when making investment decisions, managers must choose from a wide selection of solutions.

So, let’s explore some of the key options managers need to consider when seeking to deliver enhanced customer experience in today’s multichannel digital world.

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