jtel completes latest sales partner training, combining deep technical know-how and experience of real-life case studies

jtel regularly schedules advanced training sessions for resellers and sales partners, so that they can more effectively promote and sell the innovative jtel call center solution. During the three-day sessions at jtel’s HQ in Munich, we help our partners obtain the expert know-how they need to provide outstanding consultancy and customer support.

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How the call centre industry can benefit from #Cloud Computing

Our participation in CallCenterWorld that took place in Berlin this March allowed us to demonstrate the advantages for call centres of moving to the cloud. By moving away from the traditional PBX-based approach to phone systems and implementing a software-only design, call centres, service providers, and other businesses can benefit immediately from a flexible, scalable, and cost efficient call system – no CAPEX required.

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The Business Benefits of Cloud-based Call Centers

There is considerable hype surrounding the cloud and each week a new forecast is released that highlights the growing trend towards adoption of and migration towards cloud services. In addition, it seems that every analyst and vendor has an opinion over the best approach.

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Smarter Digital Recording

Voice recording has been important for many enterprises for a number of years. As more and more customer enquiries have been dealt with by telephone calls, it’s been essential to record these in order to maintain quality and provide training for new agents. Call centers depend on reliable, scalable digital recording solutions to provide a record of transactions and customer interaction.

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From Silos to a Converged Enterprise – Why CEBPs Matter

Every organisation runs a set of different applications to manage communications, customer data, accounts, processes and so on. Typically, these applications and services exist as silos and lack the co-ordination to enable the sharing and cross-coordination that is required. But increasingly, organisations need to share this information and to ensure it is accessible across systems.

Thanks to the advent of Communications Enhanced Business Processes, or CEBP for short, this kind of integration and sharing of resources and data across different systems can now be achieved. Simple API connectors enable common enterprise resources to communicate, with the result that information can be shared and made available to employees across locations and systems.

As communications is fundamental to the success of organisations, it makes sense to put all communications channels at the heart of these enterprise applications. That’s why all of jtel’s solutions come ready equipped with APIs that enable connectivity and integration with third party applications. This means, for example, that agents in a call center might have access to customer data from several disparate systems, or participants in a conference call might simultaneously have access to relevant project data, with a view customised to suit the device they are using.

CEBPs have the potential to dramatically enhance organisational efficiency. By ensuring that relevant information is readily accessible, depending on context, employees can service their customers more effectively and efficiently. Depending on the department concerned, this can be realised, for example, by reducing conversational time while increasing the chances of converting customers.

Removing silos will lead to the integrated organisation. Why not find out how jtel’s solutions can help solve communications challenges while ensuring greater efficiency and integration between enterprise applications and services? Call us and learn how CEPB can benefit your organisation.