ACD protected against cyber security attack! Are you?

Cyber security is a pressing concern for the CIO community globally. Despite the growth in preventative measures, it can cause significant disruption, financial loss and reputational damage. The sad fact is that the risk is never likely to disappear: what matters is the resilience of systems and the measures put in place to protect them.

Communications platforms have been specifically targeted by hackers, as they can open the doors to fraud, user data and more, so as a mature provider of enterprise and carrier solutions, we pay particular attention to the issue. That’s why we have built security and resilience into our solutions from the outset. We know that telecoms networks are particularly attractive – back in 2015, well-known experts Kaspersky Labs stated that, of all industries, telecoms had the highest chances of experiencing an attack.

So, as trusted providers of carrier-grade solutions, we have used our expertise to protect all our products, from the smallest enterprise to the largest carrier deployment. Our investments have paid dividends. Just recently, one of our customers, with a cloud-based communications platform serving thousands of end-user enterprise accounts suffered a massive attack to its jtel|ACD. This is used to provided service centre functionality and so is a crucial element of the infrastructure.

The attack proceeded in two waves. The first spanned a period of 1 hour 45 minutes, while the second lasted for 45 minutes. During these times, almost 25,000 illegal login attempts were made to the system. Despite this, the system remained secure and fully functional. Our software took precautionary measures to prevent logins during the period, while maintaining open sessions until, finally, at 1715, the last attack was denied.

System integrity was maintained, with no illegal access and all data was protected – an essential outcome, given the coming GDPR legislation and the implications this have for responsibility and compensation. This resilience is critical – and is an essential consideration when choosing a supplier or partner. It’s not enough to provide functional performance, today’s solutions must be able to fit into an organisation’s cyber protection policies and procedures, delivering the performance required while protecting users.

jtel’s expertise was crucial. We’ve been building enterprise and carrier-grade solutions for 20 years, which means we have evolved software and practices to stay ahead of threats. As a partner, we work with our customers to ensure that our solutions are adapted to their security needs and we advise on how to ensure the resilience that operational goals require.

Why not talk to jtel and see how we can deliver the communications platforms you need while ensuring best-practice to protect against cyber security threats?

Business process integration – bring your call center into the heart of your systems

With business across all sectors increasingly taking advantage of cloud-based offers, they are also waking up to the potential to increase the value of solutions and processes by capitalising on integration between them. This used to be a technical and highly specialised area, but things have changed dramatically in the last year or so.

Most cloud-based solutions offer APIs that allow them to be combined with others. So, an order processing system can be connected to a CRM, allowing important data to be shared between them and for the two to remain synchronised. Indeed, many of the leading CRM solutions come ready with a wide range of existing integration packages, allowing simple connectivity to be enabled.

There’s also a growing series of resources that are available to download, which effectively enable off-the-shelf integration, so that almost anyone can now take advantages of the benefits of connecting different systems.

All of which makes life a lot easier and brings new efficiencies within the reach of any business. Basically, if you are considering a new solution, then the ability to connect it to others you use is now a key consideration when choosing from different offers and providers.

We’ve been doing this for years. Almost every solution we deliver has to be connected to something else in the enterprise, be it a CRM, a resource planning solution or some other software function that provides specialist capabilities for particular industries. This latter area is the one to which we have to pay most attention. While many systems are used by industries from all sectors, many others are designed for the needs of healthcare, or insurance or something else.

We make sure that we allow for any integration need, to ensure that valuable information from the call center is shared with other processes, allowing them to track customer communication, messages and more. What we’re seeing is that the enterprise domain is becoming increasingly unified, which increases efficiency and ensures that systems and processed are updated with valuable data.

If you haven’t taken steps to integrate your contact center with other processes that are valuable to your business, then perhaps it should be a key goal for 2018. It will definitely deliver benefits and the effort isn’t as much as you might think. And, if you want help in doing this – or if your existing contact center solution cannot cater to these needs, then perhaps you should talk to us. We can definitely help you create a more connected, unified enterprise and enhance the performance of your business.

We’ve had Black Friday and Cyber Monday – did you cope? Get ready for 2018!

For many retailers, this is by far the busiest time of the year. While many people still enjoy the delights of Christmas shopping, seeing the decorations and browsing the Christmas markets, it’s also true that many of us also rely on online retailers, simply because of the convenience and the special offers that we can find.

Behind the scenes though, there is a complex network of logistics and communication, to ensure that customer orders are processed and that their enquiries are dealt with smoothly. Not only does this require coordination on the order side, it requires close management on the delivery side. And, customers need to be updated regarding the progress of orders and scheduled delivery times.

For retailers, this is a sensitive time. Much of your business may be crammed into a short and urgent period, so it’s critical that you get it right. You must be able to take enquiries, manage communication with customers effectively and ensure that your distribution is seamless. Failure to get this right can lead to a poor experience and customer dissatisfaction, which means your customers may not return for their next order.

That’s why an effective contact center is critical. You need to be sure that you process all enquiries, across multiple channels and can provide the updates that your customers expect. We enable you to seamlessly manage all communications and provide deep integration possibilities with your logistics and delivery systems.

If something caused service disruption this year, then perhaps it’s time to think ahead and make sure you’re ready for the rush in 2019. We know you’re probably looking forward to the festive break, but if you have time, why not find out how jtel has helped a leading e-commerce and online retailer ensure operational effectiveness and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction?

Read our case study to see how jtel’s contact center expertise helped Chal-Tec deliver!

Adaptation to your needs – one size doesn’t fit all

As we reach the end of our 20th year of operations, we can look back on many achievements. Some of these are technical – we’re proud of the performance and reliability we deliver – but others are more cultural. At jtel, it’s axiomatic that we can make things work. Time and time again we find that we are called in to replace inflexible solutions that cannot adapt to changing business needs.

Because we are an agile company, it’s much easier for us to take extra steps to ensure that we deliver not only functionality but a solution that is optimised for the individual circumstances of each customer. We view each deployment individually, allowing us to really understand what our customers are trying to achieve and what their problems really are. In some cases, these may not even be problems that they know. We use a comprehensive, proven process to define problems and performance indicators, revealing key insights which ensure we deliver what you need and identify and solve problems that may not have been apparent.

That’s why adaptability is at the heart of what we do – and why working with jtel means that you benefit from both market-leading functionality as well as a deeper personal touch. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so if you need to enhance your customer communications, whether it’s with a new contact center, advanced, customisable IVR or something else, you should talk to us.

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