Value-added Service Applications from the Cloud

Scale with demand to minimise investment risk

Cloud-based applications for carriers

jtel's proven carrier applications can all be delivered from the cloud. This gives carriers flexible options for launching new services and helps reduce costs. Services can be launched faster and with reduced risk, enabling greater flexibility and increasing innovation possibilities. The applications are optimised for deployment in private or public cloud infrastructure.

Take advantage of a no-CAPEX approach to service deployment

The range of cloud-based applications for carriers provides a cost-effective and highly scalable way to take advantage of high-performance services. Subscription models reduce adoption costs. With no CAPEX, our solutions offer a low risk approach to new service deployment.

Each application can be deployed as a new solution or as an extension to existing platforms, enabling peak and overflow traffic to be managed - for example when more capacity is required to supplement existing resources. The customisation tools enable new features to be added quickly and efficiently, unlocking new revenue potential and maximising ROI.

The jtel|Cloud range of carrier cloud solutions includes:


  • Full suite of IVR functionality
  • Self service portal
  • No programming skills required
  • Web based service creation environment for customisation


  • Highly flexible call flows
  • Multi-channel delivery – voice, voicemail, SMS, fax
  • CRM and ERP integration via SOAP
  • Web-RTC support for in-browser communication


  • High capacity conferencing solution
  • Up to 960 participants in a single conference
  • Collaboration and document sharing
  • Full web control


  • Based on Free-Switch
  • Register agent phones via SIP
  • Fully integrated with ACD and IVR
  • Efficient call routing and distribution

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