Enterprise IVR and Customer Interaction

Outstanding customer, auto-attendant and self service solutions

jtel|IVR Business IVR Solutions from jtel

jtel|IVR from jtel is a complete business IVR solution for customer interaction that helps enterprises deliver outstanding service.

Supporting voice and video interaction, text-to-speech (TTS) and automated speech recognition, it provides a complete range of interaction options that can be customised to meet the needs of your customers and service channels.

jtel|IVR can be deployed on legacy infrastructure but is also fully IP-enabled, which means you can deploy on any VoIP or SIP network, or even choose our cloud option.

Put IVR at the Center of Your Operations

To offer the best fit with business processes, jtel|IVR supports a flexible API that enables integration with enterprise applications unlocking a wide range of Communications Enhanced Business Processes to help drive better value and returns from your IVR investments. CEPBs allow greater personalisation and contextual awareness, enhancing the customer experience.

Conferencing (both reserved and reservationless) and DTMF interaction are also supported.

jtel|IVR also provides valuable reporting tools, ensuring that performance can be optimised – with customisation and configuration through powerful but intuitive web-based GUIs.

  • Complete solution for customer interaction

    • Speech, DTMF, TTS
    • Video and WebRTC

    Integrate with business processes for personalisation

    • API to deliver CEPB
    • Contextual awareness from CRM and enterprise tools

    Fully customisable

    • Real-time service modification and customisation
    • Flexible GUI

    Full integration with back-office systems

    • Automatic registration and service activation
    • Automated alert and notification services

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    • Compatible with any IP or legacy infrastructure
    • ASR / TTS
    • Full IVR / IVVR functionality
    • WebRTC capabilities
    • Web-based provisioning and control
    • GUI-driven environment
    • CRM, ERP integration via Web Services API
    • Highly-scalable
    • Cloud-based deployment options
    • Customisable extensions and service personalisation