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Ensuring vital connections for Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung, a leading mutual insurance society with more than 100 years of history

Stadt Viersen

Public Services
Public service, citizen engagement and support for visually impaired agents in an inclusive, powerful ACD system

Stadtwerke Pforzheim

Delivering better customer satisfaction and enhanced selfservice to leading utility company, SWP

SKR Reisen

Connecting customers to holidays: how the introduction of an ACD at leading independent travel specialist SKR Reisen GmbH took travellers closer to their…


How enhancing appointment management enabled Radprax Gesellschaft to deliver more effective healthcare


Delivering exceptional support services for IT systems in the healthcare industry: BlueCare AG at the heart of more efficient healthcare delivery

Dorner Electronic

Efficient Support Call Centre Management in the Construction Industry

Weinmann & Schanz

Getting customer service right to support next-day delivery: how family enterprise Weinmann & Schanz takes control of the market

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