Communications and the Enterprise: An Increasingly Mixed Environment

It almost goes without saying that communications remains an essential tool for enterprises, but as more and more applications are added delivered to enhance enterprise efficiency, it’s worth reminding ourselves how important voice remains. Without it, communication is limited and lacks the richness of person-to-person interaction.

But there’s so much more to voice than a simple telephone call. Voice can enrich a multiplicity of other services, adding context and meaning and turning a dialogue into a conversation. That’s why more and more enterprise applications are integrating voice communications capabilities, from P2P to multi-party interaction tools. This is particularly true in call centers, where some of the earliest efforts at integrating communications with applications such as CRM and customer care were made.

Today, there is a host of mashup applications that blend capabilities in order to deliver a better experience for customers and employees. Communications Enhanced Business Processes (CEBP) are enabling enterprises to integrate voice and other communication capabilities with applications to deliver a better, more rewarding experience.

And that’s not all. As users have become increasingly mobile, so communications must cater for a growing array of devices and channels – from conventional fixed handsets to mobile and to browser and soft-client based. To bring all of these together, enterprises need to be able to leverage APIs to deliver the CEBPs that suit their needs.

That’s why enterprises must choose solutions that come with API interfaces that allow them to create the blended applications they need for their business and the different functions within. Put simply, any communication tool that cannot lend itself to the emerging world of CEBP is obsolete. Enterprises need communications solutions with a future, that enable them to adapt and integrate new capabilities, today and tomorrow.

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