Cross Channel Delivery in the Call Center

When a customer is browsing a company website and choosing which products to buy, they sometimes need a little help. It’s a surprising fact that the majority of customers load up their online shopping baskets and then do not proceed to checkout. Research suggests that more than 67% of customers show an interest in products but do not actually buy them.

For online retailers and e-commerce in general, this is a significant problem. They need to be able to increase conversion rates and smooth the buying process. As we said, sometimes customers need a little help.

It’s rather like being in a real shop – an assistant may be available to answer questions, provide advice and to discuss the products in which the customer has shown an interest. What online retailers and e-commerce merchants need is a way to engage more in the buying process and to provide a means to deliver virtual assistants so that customers can be given the advice and nurturing they need in order to purchase a product, particularly higher value ones.

That’s where WebRTC comes in. It’s a simple way to enable communication from within a browser session. So, for example, an online shopper might be considering a purchase but just needs some help. If there’s a click-to-call button carefully displayed on the website, they might be encouraged to use it and to be connected through their browser to an agent in a call center, who can then assist with any questions and hopefully help the customer to complete the transaction.

But there’s more. Using analytics, WebRTC can also facilitate the transfer of information from the customer’s browser to the agent, so that they will know what the customer has been looking at, what they have added to the shopping basket and so on. In other words, the agent will be armed with information regarding the customer’s buying intentions and will be equipped to offer immediate help.

Just think – increasing conversion rates by even small fraction can have a significant impact on sales. Anyone with an online boutique or online sales channel needs to consider how they can integrate the web more effectively into their traditional retail channels, such as the call center. That’s where we can help. Our technology enables organisations to extend the reach of their call center into the online world with full WebRTC capabilities.

If you want to make the most of your online and call center assets, you need to talk to us to find out how. Small details can make a big impact and we have the expertise to make that happen.