How the call centre industry can benefit from #Cloud Computing

Our participation in CallCenterWorld that took place in Berlin this March allowed us to demonstrate the advantages for call centres of moving to the cloud. By moving away from the traditional PBX-based approach to phone systems and implementing a software-only design, call centres, service providers, and other businesses can benefit immediately from a flexible, scalable, and cost efficient call system – no CAPEX required.

JTEL is leading the way in offering call centre and service providers a range of flexible, reliable real-time voice and call routing services from the cloud. We call it “8-Cloud”. By using a completely web-based virtual infrastructure it is possible to configure and control call routing options and other functions such as IVR and speech recognition, text to speech, and conferencing; all via a web-browser and without expensive investment costs.

The way in which we integrate our customers to the JTEL cloud offers them a host of advantages. We simply set up call forwarding to the JTEL cloud by SIP from the local PBX system or directly from the carrier – no additional infrastructure is necessary. Calls are processed and decisions are made based on the settings established in the online admin web application which can be reached by agents using a browser. Simple.

The advantages of our 8-Cloud applications are clear:

• Scalability and flexibility;
• Clear cost reduction – no CAPEX;
• No infrastructure maintenance costs;
• Pay per use;
• Competitive costs for fall back solutions, or capacity increase for peak services.

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