jtel welcomes Leo Steinbauer as new COO!

Leading expert on unified communications joins our team, bringing insights, knowledge and experience to jtel

It’s always great to welcome new faces to our team, but it gives us real pleasure to announce that an old friend has become our new COO. Leo Steinbauer, who is well-known in the communications industry, has joined us and brings a wealth of experience.

In addition to his expertise in unified communications, contact centers and product management, Leo also has rich experience of different verticals – including the hospitality and healthcare industries. For jtel, as a company that serves specialists in multiple industries, this experience is hugely important, because Leo will help us build deeper insights into specific problems faced by companies in different domains.

Leo began his career in 1995, as a graduate of the prestigious Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne – EHL for short – one of the world’s leading centres of education for the hospitality sector. While building his experience in the luxury Four Seasons hotel chain, he was attracted by the increasing importance of IT for supporting key operational practices, such as accounting.

Seizing this opportunity, he led the development of new innovations in hospitality software with SAP, taking in a move to South Africa, before returning to Europe in 2001. Joining ComTelco Group, Leo tool on the role of COO of the Customer Service and Support Centre, covering Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Leo held a number of senior roles with leading solution providers over the next decade, including Siemens and NFON. During that time, he also extended his expertise to healthcare, creating winning propositions that met domain-specific customer requirements and helping to drive product optimisation and business growth.

Not only has Leo led from the front, but he’s also been on both the user and vendor sides of the community. All of which means that he will make an exciting contribution to our team. We’ve often worked with Leo over the years, so we’re thrilled he has joined us for the next step in his career - and for our growth as an organisation. His knowledge is unsurpassed and will help us evolve our solution set – and deliver innovations to our user community.

Welcome to jtel!

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