jtel with WhatsApp, an integration your customers and team will appreciate

Extend your jtel contact center solution by integrating WhatsApp to add the world’s most popular mobile messaging platform to your omni-channel experience. Get agents to your customers faster with a solution you can implement in minutes. 

With two billion users, WhatsApp has earned the title of the most-used mobile messaging app globally – beating out other favourites like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Snapchat, according to Statista.

While you may look at WhatsApp as just a way for friends and family to keep in touch, it’s also growing in popularity as a channel for communication between businesses and customers.

It all started with the WhatsApp Business app, which launched in 2018. This version of the app catered to smaller businesses and gave them a quick and easy way to answer customer questions, solve any issues, and share information about products and services.

Now, WhatsApp can be integrated with the class-leading jtel contact center solution so that our customers can add a popular and engaging channel to their customer engagement and support capabilities.

A customer-first integration to the jtel contact center solution

With the new jtel WhatsApp integration, you can expand your omni-channel experience in a way that benefits your customers most.

It takes just minutes to complete the installation and configuration of the WhatsApp connector. Then, when customers visit your site, they can click the WhatsApp button to reach an agent. System administrators also have the option to set a maximum wait time to ensure customers never wait long.

Once the conversation begins, customers can exchange whatever relevant content is necessary for the agent to understand the issue and provide a solution, including images, videos, and more.

Agents can get started quickly with the WhatsApp Integration

On the agent-side, the simple WhatsApp integration means a short learning curve. Employees launch WhatsApp from their “AgentHome” desktop view in the jtel system, where they’ll see WhatsApp requests listed. Once they begin accepting chat requests, each conversation is organised in separate tabs.

While agents can hold multiple WhatsApp conversations at once, the administrator can set a maximum number per agent, and the jtel platform’s algorithms ensure that the chat requests are directed to the most qualified and available person to respond. This means that while customers are helped quickly, agents aren’t overwhelmed.

Support for supervisors and administrative capabilities

There’s no shortage of tools for managing the jtel WhatsApp integration. From a high level, supervisors are able to observe how many WhatsApp conversations are being answered, as well as monitor the level of service that agents are providing to customers.

When a more detailed understanding is needed, reports with categories such as response times, chat vs. dormant times, post processing, and average conversation length are available. Reports looking at a customer’s entire support history can also be created, and transcripts can be logged and even exported to your organisation’s CRM or ERP system.

Administrator capabilities are also flexible and customisable. System admins can keep WhatsApp requests moving efficiently alongside other channels, such as voice calls and emails.

In addition, system owners can expand the jtel system with capabilities like AI-powered chatbots, meaning that as the contact center’s needs grow, jtel’s support can grow with it.

Get Started Today with the WhatsApp integration for jtel

jtel with WhatsApp is the integration you need to provide support to your customers using a platform they’re familiar with. Make it easier than ever for your customers to reach a member of your contact center team, and expand your omni-channel experience with a tool that won’t require extensive training for agents.

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