Outbound telephony the easy way with jtel -Information requirements according to GDPR

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data subjects must be fully informed about data processing during the (direct) collection of personal data. Article 13(1) of the German GDPR equivalent DSGVO even provides that the information must be communicated to the data subject at the time of collection.

That’s not a problem if the persons involved interact face to face, if contact is made via the web site, or in other written form. But how can you comply with this obligation to provide information when the first contact is made via telephone?

jtel Outbound Dialler enables call centers to comply effortlessly with GDPR regulations with the addition of a flexible, customisable compliance module.

For many call centers, outbound business operations are of great importance and compliance with the rules is both necessary and advisable to avoid possible penalties.

So, when agents make a call, they must also ensure that they comply with these requirements. However, the list of information that must be conveyed is long, so it’s important to communicate it effectively, ensuring that calls are handled in a positive manner and deliver a great customer experience, while demonstrating compliance with the legal requirements.

To solve this problem, jtel has developed an application that allows call centers to smoothly ensure DSGVO compliance on the first occasion that a new contact is called, with no detriment to the experience delivered.

This is achieved by automatically communicating all required information to the customer after the call center agent has completed the call. At the same time, the application handles the documentation and verification obligations incumbent on the call center service provider.

Customer feedback has shown that the jtel approach delivers an elegant solution for information processing requirements, that meets the needs of customers, agents and providers alike.