Dynamic Voice and Data Recording

Complete speech analytics and quality performance monitoring

Digital Voice Recording and Speech Analytics Solutions from jtel

jtel|Record is a complete package for recording all digital and analogue voice and data communications. It is a fully modular solution for digital voice recording that scales to meet specific requirements.

jtel|Record is designed for a wide range of different industries and users, such as:

  • Call Centers
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial services companies
  • Lawyers, legal, accountancy and professional
  • Logistics and dispatch centers
  • Retail
  • Service industries and customer care
  • SME / SMBs
  • Government and public agencies
  • Public safety organisations

In fact, any organisation that depends on verbal communication needs the ability to reliably and securely record conversations and customer interaction from a range of different channels. jtel|Record is the perfect solution.

In addition to full recording capabilities, jtel|Record also provides rich analytical tools that deliver business intelligence for service enhancement and marketing optimisation via clear dashboards. Recorded data can be searched for keywords to evaluate performance of agents and campaigns as well as to automatically determine customer satisfaction and quality of service levels. jtel|Record is a complete digital recording and speech analytics solution for businesses of any size.

  • Business Intelligence at the click of a mouse

    • Assist planning, analysis and reporting
    • Consolidated, clearly visible reports

    Automated performance evaluation

    • Analyse agent performance
    • Continuously monitor customer satisfaction

    Instant campaign assessment

    • Intelligently sort calls
    • Determine customised triggers

    Powerful Web-services API

    • Integration with other enterprise applications to deliver CEBP
    • Complements other jtel applications and services

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    • Highly scalable
    • Reliable, redundant architecture
    • Windows application and web clients
    • QoS statistics
    • Quality assurance capabilities
    • Fully searchable
    • Export files to WAV /.MP3 files or for email distribution
    • File distribution over WAN / LAN / Internet
    • Full CDRs
    • Multi-level security and permissions
    • Agent evaluation